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Minori Souta is an ordinary high school student. Today, he lives his daily life as usual.

Even though he’s like that. Every time he went to school, he felt happy.

Because there was a beautiful girl on the train that he boarded.

She had pure white hair and blue eyes. Her Western-like face was somehow fragile and pretty. She has an outstanding style and is so beautiful that she could be considered an idol or an actress.

[Ice Princess]. That’s what she called at the high school next door.


Souta followed her with his eyes every time he got on the train. She rejected all the students that tried to talk to her, and now there are no other high school students on this train except for him and her.

He thought he would just go on with this ordinary life. He had no desire to get close to her. He never thought about it.

But—one day. An incident occurs.

Souta saw her being mol*sted.

No one tried to help her. Souta gathered up his courage and saved her.

The next day. Souta thought that he would return to his ordinary life, but she appeared in front of him.

“Um…you helped me the other day. I just wanted to say thank you.”

Shinonome Nagi, aka [Ice Princess]…… She was the girl he had saved yesterday.

Souta was puzzled, because she was someone he only saw from the distance, nonetheless, he accepted her gratitude. ….But, he kept his distance again.

He was. Because he doesn’t hate his daily routine.

It was then.

“Something, I want to ask. To you.”

Souta couldn’t bear to hear those somewhat sorrowful words. And decided to listen to her request.

“While I’m on the train. I want you to……stay by my side.”

At those words–Souta couldn’t even refuse. He accepted it.

However. Souta didn’t yet know that he would be toyed around by her again and again.

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